Writing Samples

Website Writing

One of the best ways to understand my writing, as it would be relevant, is to check out some of the projects I have done. “Ultimate Community” is a piece I did as a multimedia website. In my writing on this website, I incorporate hyperlinks, stories, images, a few pages, and share what I felt was an important message. You can check it out here!

While far less formal and polished, I also created a training website for high school volunteers at the summer camp I work at. It fits the casual summer camp tone while staying engaging and working through important material for a smooth summer. See the full site here and maybe even get a glimpse into my summer camp, where I have worked and volunteered at for 8 years.

Writing for Business

As part of the preparation for the Professional Writing minor, students had to take higher-level writing courses. I chose was Writing for Business as one of my courses.

While very short, this cover letter for an imaginary job application feels very real and like a good display of my concise writing ability and style. The prompt was to write a cover letter with realistically attainable accomplishments you hope to have after graduating college. Click here to read the full letter.

This writing is a longer piece. It is a business proposal for a Children’s Hospital to help with employee retention efforts. This is a much more involved writing sample and is an extension of the cover letter because it was written as if I got the job the cover letter was for. Read the full thing here!

Writing for Public Speaking

Some of my other favorite writing minor classes have been writing for public speaking where we learned strategies to write good speeches but also learned a lot about presenting and writing slides.

The first Writing for Public Speaking class I took was an introductory class. We learned so much about effective storytelling and how to make people share your emotions to understand your sincere efforts for any cause. I presented on a fake camp program called “Camp Corp” where volunteers ran programs for children who needed care from local schools. Read the script here.

One presentation was on getting started in the field of social media and outreach. It used an overarching story to maintain an analogy and tie it back together throughout. Because my experience being involved with non-profits that care for children started with a Jurassic Park themed week of summer camp, I used that to tie the presentation together in a more engaging way. Read the script here.