Digital Media Projects

If you are here, it is likely that you came from my HTML page which is a portfolio of my work. If not, check it out here!

This page is meant to go more in-depth. Below are galleries where you can see all of the slides from some digital projects, largely from on Instagram. These are less writing-heavy and have more of a focus on design.

Personal Brand Style Guide

This Brand Style Guide above is made to reflect me from my personality to my style. It also demonstrates my writing in a way that is very applicable to jobs I am currently looking at and interested in. In it, I go through fonts, colors, tone, imagery, and more. While a reflection of my personality, it also a reflection of what I can do in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I learned these programs throughout this project and have continued practicing and learning more about them since.

SBYU Graphics

SBYU is Santa Barbara Youth Ultimate. I started working with them Spring 2021, so it is very recent, but I have taken on revamping their digital platforms. These are some of the graphics I have created and posted for them. I am working on creating a distinct style for them and have started that in these images. They go onto all social media accounts and have already increased followers by 23 percent!

Club Challenge Graphics

Though short, this graphic is the announcement of winners from a challenge that really brought us all together. I was a captain of UCSB’s Club ultimate frisbee team and the virtual environment for a group like ours who spends as much time together as possible, traveling and competing, was difficult. Engaging with the team virtually and through different media platforms really brought us all together, even over winter break, which is when we had the challenge that this post announces the winner of.

This simple design was also used in different announcements, for the rules, and for updates. It is an original graphic that I made on Canva. We also posted it on our team Instagram.

Cross Campus Run-a-thon

For the same club team, because the first event was such a success with just our team, we decided to do another but involve even more teams. We eventually got 6 teams to compete with and against us to raise money for organizations we really care about. This was a win-win event and our community really enjoyed following along through social media. I also made announcements, bingo sponsorship forms, and update posts with the same event style, but I think the final announcement is the best sample to show as it also reflects my ability to run a successful social media campaign and shows the great work our teams were able to accomplish.

The People’s Initiative

One of my other involvements in college was working with a group called The People’s Initiative. I was only involved my senior year but was part of the group that started it. Our goal was to share important information with people that gives context to current events happening around us. While I only helped edit the text, my contribution to that team was initially creating the digital graphics. It developed into teaching the team how to use Canva and helping edit their work as well, but this is one of our initial posts.

Canva Tutorials

This is a tutorial that I made for The People’s Initiative, explained above! With this group, no one else had any design experience at all, even with software such as Canva, so I helped get everyone on it and helped them learn how to use it. As I am graduating, I created these tutorials to help them understand how to use Canva, take advantage of the basics with design, and learn some keyboard shortcuts that made design with Canva a lot easier. Check out the presentation with different tutorials that I made here!