Values and Vibes

While I realize "values and vibes" might sound silly, I find it is an effective way to express personality values and passions-- all which are critical in finding people to work with. One of my biggest priorities when working for and with an organization, is that the group is passionate yet comfortable, because that is where I see the most potential for growth. That energy is what drives me to do my best and help others do the same in the process.


Going into college, I joined the ultimate frisbee team because I wasn't good enough at my high school sports to pay D1 but still really wanted to be on a team. From my leadership on that in in many other ways, I have realized that being part of a team and teammwork are essential to my success in any environment. It also is where I find a lot of my inspiration and drive.


On that frisbee team, at family gatherings, and at all of my jobs so far, I am known for my (loud) enthusiasm. My mom jokes that I embarass her, but I love to get people united behind an issue. This is why media and outreach is appealing to me. I can creatively share my enthusiasm for the mission of the team, which builds it up and helps it grow.


Tied into my enthusiasm is my passion. When looking for a school, I decided that I wanted to choose a school that I would want everyone else to come to because I loved it that much. That is not only why I went to UCSB, but it is also why I became a tour guide. My enthusiasm comes from my passion, and my passions are bringing communities together and helping eachother and kids in a genuine way.


Speaking of bringing together communites and caring for children, I think that while enthusiasm helps, the only way to actually accomplish that is through compassion. Wherever I work and whatever I do, I must be working with compassion with others who do the same. I learned compassion for my family and do not compromise on it.


As someone who loves to work with kids, I see fun being undervalued in many other areas because it is seen as unprofessional, but I think it is essential. What is the point of doing something that could be fun in a borning way. I have a life philosophy of sharing joy whenever possible, and a work environment that shares that value of fun is condusive to that.


Creativity is also critical, as without it, life becomes too bureaucratic and mundane. I realize that bureaucracies come from success, that is how they get so big, but they kill creativity and innovation. Whether it is painting a mural or telling a story or working on social media design, creativity is essential to my work and a stregth that I have fostered through my other values such as having fun, following passions, and being enthusiastic.